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Jul 112015

Mary Emerick, the PIO for the local Oath Keepers, stated on the Dale and Mike's show Inside News, that many people have asked why we are doing this. They know, and she acknowledged on the show, that we all have worked very hard and contributed much to the Sugar Pine Mine operation, and the Oath Keepers in general. We worked on the public service projects too.  We have shown by our actions that we support the Oath Keepers.

The reason why we are speaking out is precisely because we support the Oath Keepers and the principles they stand for. We are trying to save the Oath Keepers from Joseph Rice and those people associated with him who we believe may cause harm to the Oath Keepers, Patriots, and the people of Josephine County.

Mark Twain wrote: “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when it deserves it.” Similarly, we support our Oath Keepers all the time, and the leadership only when it deserves it.  It is our opinion that Joseph Rice does not deserve our support.

We are motivated by the love of our county, our home, our fellow Oath Keepers and Patriots to speak out what we believe to be the truth about Joseph Rice so that they can examine the objective evidence and decide for themselves before it is too late.

We all know that America is facing a SHTF scenario.

We saw how Joseph Rice handled his own people, and we are frightened for the people of Josephine County if that scenario unfolds, and Joseph Rice becomes the defacto warlord of the county, using the Oath Keepers as his enforcers.

We are the Oath Keepers who are willing to stand up to the bullying tactics of Joseph Rice and his associates, and we bring you information that, if you are open minded enough to study, will allow you to come to your own informed conclusions about him.

As expected, we came under attack. The JoCo OK has chosen to attack its critics instead of answering the criticism:

"Oath Keepers of Josephine County are able to refute each accusation with documentation, but to do so would compromise confidentiality of the mission which is still on going." and

They say they are innocent but they refuse to actually show any evidence of it. Their excuse is that it is a secret.  

Instead of answering the charges, there has been a pattern of intimidation by the JoCo OK leadership to silence the critics and witnesses:

1) Mary Emerick publicly stated on the Inside News show that they are careful not to defame us. If that is the case then why does she say "Thanks everyone." to the people at Facebook when they made vile posts ("dumb c***t", and "butt hurt") aimed at silencing Clinton Chard and Maggie Rose?:  (Images from Facebook have been saved as well.) 

These same Facebook posters who were praised and thanked by Mary, with obvious malice posted Maggie's private phone number publicly in those posts for the express purpose of harassing her.  She was then barraged by hate texts and phone calls, and was forced to get a new phone number.

2) There is a website which has been run by a friend of Dave Lewis, which posted potential leads in the murder of Dave Lewis ( Over the years since 2008 the friend had posted a lot of material on Joseph Rice. As recently as this spring, material was posted about Joseph Rice during the Sugar Pine Mine operation.

Suddenly and recently, the website was cleansed of posts mentioning Joseph Rice. Whole pages were removed or redirected. Images were removed.  A few of the images removed showed Joseph Rice meeting with Chinese officials, and were preserved in the articles at this blog. Then a few days later the postings were back.  

4) That is not the only odd thing about the website and Joseph Rice.  There is a tipline email address there ( which was set up to receive leads in the murder.  A private email sent there mysteriously showed up in the possession of Joseph Rice a few hours later, as he forwarded it to a friend.  How would an email privately sent to a tipline for Dave Lewis murder leads end up almost immediately in the hands of Joseph Rice? 

If the email was intercepted by Joseph Rice, then how many other tips related to the murder may have also been intercepted by Joseph Rice or his associates over the years?

Why would Joseph Rice even be involved in intercepting emails of leads for a murder site - especially one that mentions his name so many times?

5) Maggie Rose swears that she was told by Joseph Rice that he put her on the “Red List” saying "You're now on the Red List!" and "I will see that you are not there!" This means, in the parlance of the patriot movement, that when the SHTF that she would be killed by a commando team within hours of the breakdown of civil authority. It is in essence a death threat against her. 

6) Mary Emerick has threatened to attack media with lawyers, stating: 

52: 16 "Unfortunately we have had some problems with some media that aren't very honorable. They don't have much integrity and those people have a tendency to want to join in to character asassination as well and if they do it in a factless way then they could be complicit in this."
53:38 "We sort of know who we are watching because they have a separate agenda and you know whether they are going to be liable or not, they are certainly being looked at to see what they are going to do. I have no problem with media stories and perspectives but let's do some fact checking and be above board on what we're looking at. Be careful about what you write. Be careful about what you believe. ... I mean the community of media in general."

Her words would have a chilling effect on media publishing anything that damages Joseph Rice’s reputation in a "character assassination" because they threaten that they may sue the media.

7) We have witnesses to statements made by Bruce McFarland regarding Viken Nokhoudian to a public general meeting of the JoCo Oath Keepers. The statement was utterly false, damaging and reckless. The statement was an obvious slander attempt to silence and isolate Viken. If a legal action is filed, it would be easy to prove that the statements made were done so with ill intent, aimed at a private citizen, completely unsupportable, and with a reckless and malign disregard for the truth.

8) Viken had his company logo at the bottom of each of the Oath Keeper website pages, since he is the former webmaster who created them.  After Viken resigned Joseph Rice put up a legally egregious Wanted poster which targeted a private citizen.  Viken was confronted by the targeted victim of the poster and threatened with legal action for it.  Viken told him he was no longer webmaster and had no control of the Wanted poster.  Viken then requested in writing to Joseph Rice that his logo be removed from the webpages.  Instead of removing the logo, Joseph Rice and his associates added Viken's full name.

It is obvious that the concerns Viken Nokhoudian had about the lack of server security at the JoCo OK server were solidly based. Clinton Chard as an expert in network security shared his expert opinion on Inside News and agreed. If a legal action is filed it will be easy to call numerous expert witnesses in the field and again produce the security scan that Viken gave Joseph Rice.

It is obvious that Catherine Austin and Anita White were given the title of Treasurer but not given the access and control of the finances of the JoCo Oath Keeper chapter, as required by the National Oath Keeper Bylaws and universally practiced.  It is obvious that there was little or no accountability for the donated funds. Vivian Pilger, a friend of Joseph, stated on Inside News that Joseph Rice had made a mistake and didn’t handle that right. If a legal action is filed it is easy to call as witnesses any number of people experienced in the duties of Treasurer, including Vivian.

This appears to be a vicious pattern of intimidation of witnesses and media instead of honestly answering the questions raised in the articles.  This is not in the spirit of the Oath Keepers.


"10. Tyrants know that the pen of a man such as Thomas Paine can cause them more damage than entire armies, and thus they always seek to suppress the natural rights of speech, association, and assembly. Without freedom of speech, the people will have no recourse but to arms. Without freedom of speech and conscience, there is no freedom.

Therefore, we will not obey or support any orders to suppress or violate the right of the people to speak, associate, worship, assemble, communicate, or petition government for the redress of grievances."

We are exercising our First Amendment rights and some of the Oath Keepers are attempting to suppress that.  We are withstanding the attacks because we believe it is our right and our duty to share the information we have found for the good of the Oath Keepers and the people of Josephine County.

We have no profit motive here. We have nothing to gain but the safety of the people of Josephine County, and the return of the moral high ground to the Oath Keepers. We call for the following:

1) Leadership by People Who are Trustworthy and Competent.

We call for the removal of Bruce McFarland and Joseph Rice from the local Oath Keepers Chapter. The Coordinator should be replaced by someone who has demonstrated competence and integrity, and enjoys the trust of virtually all Oath Keepers. The office of Coordinator should be elected with set terms, and be replaced by a called vote.

2) Financial Accountability.

We call for the Treasurer to have control of and access to all financial transactions and accounts of the Chapter. The Treasurer should be required to present a report at every general meeting on income, balances in all accounts, and all expenses. All payments should require two signatures - by the Coordinator and the Treasurer. The office of Treasurer should be elected with set terms, and be replaced by a called vote.

3) Ceasing Abuse of Property Rights.

We call for a signed agreement by Bruce and Joseph to not pursue any business activity involving anything related to Viken's Rescue Responder technology. If they have no plans in progress to do that, then there should be no problem with their signing such a document.

4) Return of Assets to the Chapter.

We call for all assets including donated funds and materials currently under Joseph or Bruce's control to be given back to the Chapter.

We believe that if those things were done, the Oath Keepers would once again be made whole, moral, and functional. Hopefully it would remove the potential risk to Patriots and others of the Oath Keepers being used for dangerous private agendas.

We are exercising our First Amendment Rights to speak out against a public figure in Joseph Rice, to expose his publicly documented past for public examination. We do so clearly distinguishing between our conclusions and demonstrable facts established by independent sources of information with links. We cite our sources. We answer our critics unafraid of the truth.

America was founded on the freedom to openly criticize those in power. We do so with firm belief that everything we have posted was reasonable and based in fact to the best of our ability.

Our intentions are pure: We love the Oath Keepers, the Patriots, and the people of Josephine County. We want them to have the truth in hand so they can make their own decisions and do the right thing for themselves and their loved ones.

May God bless our efforts.


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